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Sex Pot Revenge review

Reviews about various clothes I've purchased

Dokuro Panda Exclusive T-Shirt (L) SA06606-10102



A, Domo. Ohisashiburi Desu. [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

My Favorite Music

This is a collection of CDs that I like.

Sweet, Sweet Happy Birthday Kaerarenai Koi no Tame ni the sound of joy TALES OF THE INEXPRESSIBLE YESTERDAY WAS DRAMATIC-TODAY IS OK Songlines [w/ DVD, Limited Release] CALENDAR CALENDAR [Regular Edition] Splurge Atama no Naka to Sekai no Kekkon
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J-Rock & Visual

A shelf about the music i like =D

DIM Limited Edition [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] The World Outside the Cage

Toho Project

Reviews about Toho Project Products

Toho Sangetsusei Oriental Sacred Place 2 (Kadokawa Comics) Toho Korindo -Curiosities of Lotus Asia. Toho Bogetsusho Tsuki to Inaba to Chijo no Inaba Part. 3 [w/ Figure, Limited Edition] The Grimoire of Marisa


just some useless lines. Sincerely, cdjapan simply annoys me with its reminders concerning writin...

Vandalize [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] DIM Limited Edition [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] Before I Decay [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] Dona Dona [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] Live DVD Tour 09 - Dim Scene - Final At Saitama Super Arena [Limited Edition] Uroboros -with The Proof In The Name Of Living...- At Nippon Budokan [3DVD+1CD] [Limited Edition]


Here, you can find figures I own and admire

Favorite Items

My favorite and most precious items! ^^

D+Sect Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA - Okaidokuban [PSP]
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